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Property Mums is a leading provider of beautifully styled short- term rentals in Melbourne, the Mornington Peninsula, Hepburn Springs, and we look forward to taking our vision and passion nation-wide one day soon. We have a selection of gorgeous properties that have been styled by our Property Mums styling team. Our houses range from cute little two bedroom cottages for a quiet intimate weekend to large nine bedroom houses big enough to gather the largest of extended families all under one roof. In Melbourne our houses have been set up for both holidays and to be your medium term, home away from home. If you are unable to live in your own house for some reason, reach out to us and we will try our best to help you find an appropriate house for the medium term while your primary residence is unavailable. Making memories is so important, they last a lifetime and we want to ensure your holiday starts on the right foot by ensuring the houses are set up perfectly every single time. We are a passionate group of mums that are 100% focused on ensuring your stay runs smoothly. We employ mostly Mums, it’s the perfect job for Mums, our house set-ups need to happen between the hours of 10am and 2pm. Admin jobs can happen mostly from home. We are here to take your calls and emails. As we all work from home, we don’t ever close. If you need help during your stay, we will be here to help.
About Property Mums, Property Mums

This is us.

On the left: That’s me, Kim. I’ve been in the industry for 12 years when I purchased my first holiday rental in Red Hill . To say I’m passionate about these houses is probably an understatement, maybe obsessed is a more accurate description. Thankfully my team shares my obsession, they are gold and I feel very lucky to have them. In the middle, that’s Lauren, she heads up our customer service team. It’s more than likely if you email us you will hear from Lauren or myself. She is adorable and incredibly hard working. On the right, that’s Amber. Amber is our Property Stylist and helps Lauren and I in the general running of the business. Amber manages the set-ups of new houses. We only take on houses that have been styled by a property stylist or if the owners allow us, at Property Mums, to style their property. Kim and Amber work together to assess the houses and to work out how to set them up so that our guests will love staying in the space and that it works perfectly for families. Amber is very talented and we are so lucky to have her in our team. There’s so many more in the Property Mum team, we employ around 10 other Mums that help us with resetting the houses and with guest support. We have partnered with some passionate local small businesses to give our guests quality additions. From local wines to grazing boxes delivered to the houses, if you wish to add these to your booking, please do so, you will find the link here, we will ensure they are delivered for your stay. We look forward to having you stay. Please email on [email protected] if you require more information. If you are an owner and want to join the Property Mum portfolio please email us on [email protected] You’ll find more information on just click here


I’ve been a Property Investor for over 20 years, ten years now with holiday let investments. I’ve owned up to eleven properties when they were permanently let.

I own three big properties on the Mornington Peninsula, some with investors and others on my own. I’ve developed a holiday house formula and holiday house financial formula, if you follow it you will return around 20% from the property. My own properties return from 20% to 25%.

About Property Mums, Property Mums